While architects have spent the past century trying to repair this rupture of building from ground, the work that has mostly directly sought to ameliroate the disconnection is the continuous surface projects of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. Coupled with developing digital technologies, these projects folded together landscape and building advancing the possibility of a new set of urban conditions for public space. However this moment of consensus for how new digital form making could address public space has quickly fragmented in the face of contemporary cultures momentum towards individuality. This studio posits architecture as the necessary arbiter between the culture of the individual and the identity of the collective public and asks students to develop formal strategies that structure the relationship between the two. Le Courbusier’s “doubling” of the ground created a singular datum between public and private that the topolgical project smoothed together in favor gradient transition. Can a return to the formal techxiques of the datum, now as a multiplied, scaled, and nested technique, advance a new relationship between individual and collective? Each of the following topics will be emphasized in the development of the natatorium.