Column in a Column

An investigate of two fundamental paradigms in architecture: surface and structure, through a specific lens of a dome. Historically, the dome’s celestial symbolism has shaped the form and design of these structures, in that it possesses an amazing balance of structural exuberance with detailed ornamentation. Begining by studying both, surface and structure, as integral elements of this specific architectural construction. I studied its geometry and proportions in order to model it parametrically. The focus is less on the interest in 2-D graphic patterning of the skin but more interested in a “deep” skin, one that incorporates three-dimensional patterns, as well as structure that moves from being purely indexical of its load paths to becoming more atmospheric and expressive. Through the study of the dome, I further developed and transformed the final project, a piece of 3-D armature that fits on the body. This armature does not only hold itself structurally but incorporate a “deep” skin
approach to ornamentation and patterning.